a metaphor of my life

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Coming up with schemes with your best friend

Was this movie even real

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Don’t you dare give me attitude when you said rape and physical assault can be justified. You guys are fucking disgusting and I can’t believe you have the nerve to treat me like I’m the crazy one.

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what she says: no

what she really means: no

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I med a man. A man da was separated… He not my boifren, he’s a fren.

Gerl Plea


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My friends are now being shitty to me because I’m upset because I have the opinion that, no, Rihanna did not deserve to get beaten by Chris Brown. And that women aren’t asking to get raped. Sometimes I really hate my friends, because it’s unusual that I’m upset when they don’t understand.

Seeing as my mom was a battered woman, and I was nearly taken advantage of. And they know this. So fuck them.

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I’m in a room with people who said that if Rihanna hadn’t antagonized Chris Brown, he wouldn’t have beaten her. They also said that girls who dress slutty are inviting a rapist. I want to give up on the world.

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Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

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My dumbass roommate got pissed because when I defined “gpoy” I said gratuitous and she said “that’s too big a word use a smaller one.” And honestly, this bitch threatened me earlier this semester so I just looked her dead in her eye and said “no, because that’s what it stands for.” Stop being a dumbass and read something. 

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